New Years Eve, Pasadena style

Here’s the latest from Teressa:

Hey people! Want to know our schedule for the big day?

5:55 am Wake up calls. Dress, tack up, flowers in tails, and on harness on driving horses
Trailers and support vehicles and people leave pit right before parade people. We are on our own!
7:55 am Our unit leaves pit to head to where carriages are staged…about 25 minute walk. Hitch horses.
8:25 am Head to Waverly, the side street from which we feed into the parade on Orange Grove.
9:10 am We are inserted into our spot … Which is between two floats. Slowly move up Orange Grove to intersection with Green st. where parade starts.
9:40 am We are in the Rose Parade! TV cameras only a block away, and then turn the corner to Colorado ave and TV row!
About 11:40 am we reach parade end…water the horses and proceed another quarter mile to disbanding area….whew, pressure is off!

Here they are getting a head start on decorating the carriages using flashlights and headlights:


Marg also wrote in to share a picture of Graham, with our star Zoobie and her new best friend, a Budweiser Clydesdale.




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