Symposium wrap-up

Thanks to the WCDEA for putting on a very successful week-end. The clinician Fri and Sat was excellent and many Fox Bay riders were there. The idea was a good one and I think everyone that attended learned a lot.

Our riders were outstanding, all achieving their goals and then some! Jas and Homer shone in their musical “kur” having fun and nailing the transitions. They also won their training 3 test with a score of 69%.

Vicky and Harry were the high point of the show as well as winning their 2 first level tests. Nice confidence builder going into the first recognized show of the season. We go to Whidbey on the 20-22 0f June.

Kim was very happy with Franz riding their first 4th level test, newly in a double bridle. Very happy with the score and the symposium.

Char conquered the show nerves that have been plaguing her and helped Bailey stay relaxed through his tests. They looked beautiful and Char negotiated through her first first level tests scoring over 62 both times. Hooray.


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