Catch up

Whew, sorry it has been a while since posting. I know I will miss someone or something but here goes.

My phone died and when I got a new one they could not transfer pics or contacts, has been frustrating so I missed many messages. I apologize for the inconvenience. We had a fun week with our company from Michigan, restful too!

Rachel has been to an event on Whidbey and camp at Sunset farm. Both were great fun and confidence builders. Olivia is becoming quite the participant.

Mary has been camping and having family reunions. Lindsey was home for a short time.

Michele and Christine loved their trip to Iceland. Michele came home with a new puppy.

Vicky also went to camp (2nd year) and had a super learning experience. Then she brought her baby over for his first trip in the trailer (Uncle Harry was his companion). Charly was amazing, never been in an indoor arena before loved the mirrors. He’ll be a good one Vicky!

Many of you have met my new student Kass and her lovely new Friesian Tabella. She trailers in, often on Sat.

I have a new horse coming in on Fri. He is a quarter horse named Noah and his owner rides Dressage, her name is Vermeda Fred. I’m sure she will fit in well.

The clinic in Invermere was a fabulous learning opportunity. The clinicians were from all over the world with amazing credentials and was extremely well organized. I encourage you to look up Gerard Paagman or Candrive and then look at all the things he has done. Most of them are on youtube. He is quite the guy!


One thought on “Catch up

  1. Oh, thanks so much, Marg! I am so excited to move Noah over tomorrow, and to get us both back into a regular riding routine! Greetings to all of your readers!

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