Jas and family are leaving for Winthrop for 2 months. Jas will be working with a friend that has a therapeutic riding centre there. She will still be working 1/2 time at her regular job and Dave will work from there and also commute back occasionally. They are trying it out, great opportunity to see if it is a fit for them. Homer is not going this time.  We will miss you Jas!

Willy is going to Issaquah for a month of R&R. Ginny’s sister has a place there and she trail rides him and does body work. Last year was the first time in ages that he did not go as Jas was riding him.

Christine had a quick trip to Davis, Ca and got to experience her first earthquake. She thought it was the dogs under her bed. Now she and Tobbi are in Long Beach with 9 other gals and their icelandics riding on the beach. Have fun!

Mary and Ralph are off to Portugal/Spain on Sept 11 for 3 weeks. Part business and lots of fun. She hopes to do something horsey!


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