I hate to start with the weather but it has been perfect temperature. Thanks to Eric and Ali for keeping things going there. We’ve been very busy, city tour, wine country tour, peninsula tour where we went to the cape of good hope. Ran into baboons on the road they jumped onto the van and onto a car stopped beside us and they ate his antenna!
The best part has been the hotel and service we are receiving. Fresh flowers in the room and bathroom every day. A small box of hand made truffles, a plate of petit fours daily, slippers, robes. Can’t even begin to describe the buffet breakfast. We have been to some good ones over the years but this is incredible, over 250 items, even Peking duck!
We are right on the waterfront with 80 good restaurants within walking distance. We ate at one of the top seafood rest. , seated near us was Steven Tyler and Aerosmith. Fun fun!





2 thoughts on “Capetown

  1. Lovely pics and great stories! You are in one of the most wondrous countries! We just love South Africa! Maybe on our next trip, we’ll finally get down to the Cape! Enjoy!

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