Catch up

It seems like forever that I have sat down to do this so many things are over but reporting on them anyway.

Many of you are traveling or have traveled.

Emily and family went back east to see family.

Ginny and daughter Caitlin have been in Europe and Ginny will be traveling for most of the summer. Vicky is riding Willy and taking lessons on him. New student Gretchen Seaver also riding Willy once a week and taking lessons on him.

Mary is off camping for the week.

Noah has moved over to Kim Barbers at Orion. Good luck to him and Vermeda.

Donkey and Lauren have gone back to Seattle for the summer, her foot has healed and she plans to event this summer.

Vicky had a birthday last Fri. Happy Belated Birthday.


One thought on “Catch up

  1. Nice to get a catch up on everyone. I just wanted to put the word out that my husband and I have put our home on the market and since its HORSE PROPERTY you’ll might know someone interested. I’d like the barn to stay a barn 🙂 You can take a look at there is a great video of the whole house. Happy trails! Lisa

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