Ginny and Willy

Ginny was ready for me to send out this sad information.

Ginny’s beloved Willy was lost to colic last week. Special thanks to Vicky who was able to put him in the trailer and take him right down to Pilchuk for surgery. He had a fatty lipoma that had wound around the intestine and unfortunately he could not be saved.

Thanks also to Vicky for taking such good care of him these last few months.

Dr. Cha arrived 15 min after Vicky called Kulshan and she was very quick to diagnose the situation and recommended the trip to Pilchuk. Thanks to her as well.

Willy was a very special horse;  a once in a lifetime partner for Ginny. She was so generous in sharing him and his talents over the years. So many people benefited from having him in their lives . When Ginny bought him in Canada he was B.C. Preliminary 3 day Event Champion that year. He has been a Hunter, Jumper, Dressage horse. He has been ridden in summer camps for beginners, used for vaulting and ridden on the beach. He was a true gentleman with a huge pride and sense of fairness. You always felt safe around and on him! He will always be one of my favorites.

Ginny, our condolences go out to you.


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