Foxy’s page


We’ll all remember Foxy as the “Grand Dame” of Fox Bay.   She changed so many peoples lives – young and old – by teaching them to ride and understand horses.   She was gentle with the beginners and firm with the intermediate riders.   We will all miss you very much.


6 thoughts on “Foxy’s page

  1. I will miss her…she was a kind soul..I have many good memories and she taught me so much. She was my first experience with “get off my back” you are doing it all wrong!!! Love ya Foxy….

  2. Foxy was a kind and generous mare who taught so many of us. She was a confidence builder and sweet soul. She had a very important job and was lucky to live at Fox Bay where so many people loved her. There’s an unspoken language between horse and person that makes us better inside. Thank you to Foxy for all you sharedl. You will be remembered.

  3. Foxy was my first Fox Bay ride and she was kind, gentle and very sweet. She was my kindered spirit since we were both from Ellensburg. Both of us were glad to be at Fox Bay, though. She taught me a great deal and as Char said, she had a clever way of removing you gently from her backside…just once, so you knew who was in charge. I spent lots of time chasing her around a paddock for a lesson. It was another gentle reminder of her desire to be the top girl. Once caught, with the aid of a treat, she was as well behaved as any horse I’ve ever known. She served us all well and was a true Fox Bay icon. I will never forget her. I have several pictures of her, but none as beautiful as the one posted here.

  4. I’m not even sure how to react to Foxy being gone. I rode her for 5 years I am probobly 11 or 12 in the picture above. Foxy tought me more then any horse I have ever known, I took her to Gold Creek in Seattle WA in the fall of 2009 and she showed me that she could perform as well as any young horse. She was my rescue in the summer when I had nothing to do and was the highlight of my riding life. She tought me how to stick to a horses back literally and threw me off quite a few times before I finally learned how. But she was the most beautiful mare with a personality to fit her, she was an amazing teacher to. RIP Foxy Thanks for everything!!

  5. Foxy has been a fixture at Fox Bay since the time I started riding here. I got to know her well toward the end of her career and I love it that my photo on this site is with her.
    She always “seemed” to be patient with me but I knew exactly what she was thinking by looking at her ears! Thanks, Foxy, for teaching me so much and being a good friend to all of us.

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